Monday, December 3, 2007

Being labeled a spam blog

I have not been posting very often on this blog. Most of the "cute" tricks for Crunchy are incorporated in the documentations if and when I find them. While this blog is rather unknown, and has never attracted a comment, it has attracted Google's attention in an unwanted way. Google labeled this blog as a spam blog - probably because of the combination of a relatively small number of posts and comparatively large number of links. This is the second time (that I notice) it has done so. When this happens, it becomes impossible to post anything. To revert the rating, which is done through an automated process, I had to contact Google so that a real human could take a look at it. Within about 24 hours, they reverted the status so that I could post. The first time, I felt I had nothing useful to post so I did nothing, hoping that my blog would somehow be white-listed. The second time ... lead to this post.

So, to quote Monty Python: "Move along, there is nothing to see...". Hopefully, there soon will be :-)